What’s on the menu, chef?

My biggest pleasure is to have people round for food. It started with a list of jobs in a jar that my mum used to make my brother, sister and myself choose from each day of the holidays. Sometimes it was helping in the kitchen. Other times it was doing dog ‘poo patrol’ in the garden. Only one of them took off as a passion.

My culinary zeal was enthused by the first cookbook I owned as a student in a house of 8 chaps, Ainsley Harriot’s Meals in Minutes, which allowed me to whip up tasty meals in mayhem. It was then jet propelled by the master of making the modern man comfortable in the kitchen, Jamie Oliver, who taught me not to be precious about food and give everything a go. And through many years of sheer enjoyment, sharing meals with friends and a desire to eat well, I am now obsessed.

So I wanted to share some of my kitchen creations to provide some inspiration, nutritional info to keep you clean and lean, and links to other chefs who I love and do this much better than me.

“So many varieties of trees I could eat. I just need to find the right one for right now.” – Mr Beaver



One response to “What’s on the menu, chef?

  1. Nicky Ashworth

    Hi B,

    Hi B – Nicky from Jersey – your Dad told me about your recipes. Thought I might get a few tips as my cooking has still not improved!! Many congratulations on your forthcoming wedding ….. N.

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