Eat Real Food

I like real food. Natural food. If it’s going in, it has to be good.


I believe diet is a choice. Thankfully there is a lot of food to choose from nowadays. For me, it’s just a matter of making our choices with the best information as possible. I don’t want to bash people who make their choices contrary to what is considered good advice. But rather, I would like to spread the word of good food and the consequent good health it can provide.

I believe that we can improve our lives through the food and drink we eat. This isn’t new thinking, but rather an emphasis of that point on another platform. So there might be lots you already know here – GREAT! – but equally you might come across something new and informative. Hopefully you’ll take it on board. Ideally, you’ll pass it on to others. Let’s concentrate on health, life expectancy, energy, confidence.

I am continuously learning new and amazing facts about our bodies and how the foods we put into it impact on its functionality. I know its a cliché but I truly believe we are what we eat – so why not be the best informed as possible about the foods we eat and why they make us who we are.

We can do all this, and still tuck into some delicious grub!



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